Microsoft Certified Professional and Its Beginning in Bulgaria

We have interesting news that we want to share with you. Today (November 27) has been exactly 20 years since the first two MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certifications in Bulgaria. In 1995 our consultant and instructor Nina Prodanova and Emil Devedjiev were the first to acquire MCP certificate. It happened during the MS TechEd conference organized by Microsoft.

We use the occasion to tell you also about our partnership with Microsoft, which started back with the ITCE’s founding in 1998 and for 17 years our partnership continues to grow successfully. We are happy to say that for the past 17 years in ITCE training center, 5 500 professionals have acquired a Microsoft certification.

Currently the ITCE portfolio covers different Microsoft Technology Trainings, which are led by certified Microsoft instructors: Messaging and Collaboration, Microsoft Data Management, Microsoft Data Management – SQL Master Academy, Microsoft Development, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Infrastructure, Microsoft Security Solutions, Microsoft System Center Family, Virtualization.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is a certification that validates the technical knowledge of IT professionals and developers through demanding, industry-proven and industry-recognized exams. MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies and solutions and specify the level and ability of people to perform tasks by applying their technical skills, analyze solutions and solve problems.

Becoming Microsoft Certified Professional has several benefits, such as free access to useful resources and access to the MCP community. Moreover, MCP increases the opportunities for career development and growth since the certification recognizes real technical expertise and skills, which is an important competitive advantage in the labor market.

After you become an MCP, there is an open opportunity for further improvement of the technical skills and for distinguishing yourself through expert certifications such as Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).

All who plan to take Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam till 12 January 2016 at ITCE, have an opportunity within 30 days to re-take the exam – the second time free of charge if the first time was unsuccessful. 

If you have any questions about the MCP certification, specific training or want to register for an exam, our consultants will be happy to assist you to make the right choice.

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