Microsoft Months

Microsoft Months:

Your Certification Acceleration Journey!


Get a personalized skilling plan, self-paced fundamental courses and access to giveaway for your skilling journey.

The campaign has ended!

Future-Proof Your Career

Are you looking to advance your career in Microsoft technologies but need help figuring out where to start? 

Microsoft Months are back!

We designed the 2023 sequence of learning paths to guide you through your skilling journey and get you trained and certified, regardless of your expertise.  

From April to June, you can advance in one of the following technologies: Automation, Azure, PowerBI, and Security.

 We’ve prepared some things for everyone, including self-paced trainings, role-based skilling plans, educational blog articles, giveaway, and a free webinar.

(re)Start your Skilling Journey

Access free learning materials, role-based skilling plans, and educational blog articles to keep you learning at your own pace

Win Awesome Awards

Be among the 48 winners that will receive Microsoft training vouchers or online exam vouchers to accelerate your career path

Stay Relevant with Tech Trends

Join our wrap-up webinar at the end of the campaign to learn about the latest updates in popular Microsoft technology products

Unlock Your Skilling Journey

By registering for our Microsoft Months Campaign, you will get access to a personalized skilling journey that includes the following benefits:


Once you fill in the registration form at the end of this page, our team of experts will analyze your profile and level of expertise in Microsoft technologies to send you the following:

  • A role-based skilling plan with the recommended sequence of training courses that would keep you excelling in your career path
  • Access to self-paced fundamental training to kick-start your learning journey based on your needs
  • Educational blog articles


At the end of the campaign, we will draw 48 winners among those who had registered to win one of the following:


895 EUR MS Training Voucher

(+MeasureUp & Exam Voucher)


200 EUR MS Training Voucher

(+MeasureUp & Exam Voucher)


Free MS Online Exam Vouchers



We will wrap up the Microsoft Months campaign with a webinar during which you will hear from our Microsoft trainers regarding technologies they use in their projects, the training courses that cover these technologies, job opportunities once you get a specific certification, and tips and tricks on continuous learning. We will also cover the hot topic of AI and ChatGPT, its practical usage, its effect on the job market, and valuable advice on using the platform more efficiently.

Title: “Empowering Your Career: Insights into Microsoft Technologies and the Future with AI”

Date: 14th of June | 11:00-12:15 EEST

Language: Bulgarian


Deyan Yordanov

Business Development Executive at ITCE

Lyubomir Stefanov

Data Architect at KPMG IT Service

Ivaylo Ivanov

Application Developer / Data Scientist

Kalin Dimtchev

Country Manager at Microsoft for Adriatic Region, Southeast Europe & Bulgaria

Nikolay Panchev

Cloud & AI Consulting at TeamLandi

Nikolay Markov

Cloud & AI Consulting at TeamLandi

Register is closed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the registration free?

Absolutely! You can register for the entire campaign for free by filling out the registration form above. This one-time registration will grant you access to all campaign components, including free self-paced fundamental trainings, a role-based skilling plan, entry into the giveaway, an invitation to the final webinar, educational blog articles, and more. Plus, by registering, you’ll have the chance to win Microsoft training and exam vouchers to help accelerate your skilling journey.

Who is this campaign for?

Whether you’re just starting your journey with Microsoft technologies or looking for your next advanced training, this campaign is for you! Throughout the campaign timeline and final event, we’ll cover a wide range of topics, including Automation, Power BI, Azure, and Security. If you’re interested in any of these areas, we have something for you! Our content is tailored to those who have main technology interest in one of the following – Azure Infrastructure, Azure Security, Azure Solution Architecture, Security Engineering, Power BI Data Analysis, Database Administration, Modern Desktop Administration, AI Engineering, and Azure DevOps Engineering.

How can I be part of the Microsoft Vouchers Giveaway and when will the winners be announced?

By completing and submitting the registration form above, you’ll automatically be entered into our giveaway. On June 14th, we’ll randomly select 48 winners from all campaign registrants and announce them during the “Empowering Your Career: Insights into Microsoft Technologies and the Future with AI” webinar. Winners will also receive an email within 2-3 business days containing instructions on how to use their Microsoft vouchers.

Which self-paced fundamental courses will you get access to?

Your main Microsoft technology interest will determine which self-paced fundamental course you’ll have access to. Depending on your focus, you’ll receive one of the following – AZ-900, PL-900, SC-900, or MS-900. Plus, all registrants will gain access to an additional self-paced fundamental training – AI-900. This course will teach you how to create AI solutions on Microsoft Azure and keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence.

What would the role-based skilling plans include?

Your main Microsoft technology interest will determine the skilling plan you’ll receive – a one-pager with a sequence of Microsoft training courses, from fundamentals to advanced, tailored to your specific role. It will also offer additional suggestions on frameworks like SAFe, Agile, DevOps, or ITIL 4 to help you become the best fit for any IT team or organization. If the skilling plan you receive doesn’t fully meet your needs, our team of experts is always available to help you create a more personalized training journey. Simply reach out to us at

Upcoming Fundamentals Trainings

Upcoming Advanced Role-based Trainings

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