Microsoft Months: Get Up-To-Date

What is Microsoft Months?

At ITCE, we are organizing the biggest Microsoft sequence of events and training courses in Bulgaria to provide you with the latest updates on role-based certification and training. 

From March to June, every month will be dedicated to one of the Microsoft technology stacks and April will be dedicated to the Global Cloud Skills Tour which will be hosted and broadcasted internationally and live from ITCE’s studios at SpaceAssembly.

What is in there for me?

From March to June, we will bring to you a series of events, learning sessions and courses to support you in your professional skilling journey:

Free Fundamentals Courses and Q&A Sessions

Free Webinars

Discounts on Microsoft Training Courses

Timeline of the Microsoft Months Series

Visit the official Microsoft Months page here to learn more and register for the events. 

What is C3?

Аpril will be dedicated to the 3rd Annual Global Cloud Skills Tour which will be hosted and broadcasted internationally and live on April 20th at SpaceAssembly.

The event is suitable for organizations, team leads and managers looking to (re)shape their skilling initiatives, skills plans and learning pathways in the radically changing digital era.

Speakers at the event will be C-level executives from leading learning organizations in EMEA, Microsoft executives and the special guest of the conference – entrepreneur and keynote speaker Peter Hinssen who will talk about ‘How corporates can reinvent themselves for the Never Normal world’.

Find out more on our website here and on the official website of the event here.

It’s all about people—even when it’s about tech

(Re)Start your skilling journey with Microsoft Months at ITCE

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