Microsoft Role-based Certifications to be Valid for 1 Year

In December 2020, Microsoft released an announcement about some of the most recent changes to the Microsoft Certification program. They were result of the accelerated pace of digital transformation during the pandemic, which created the need for new in-demand skills in the digital world. To promote continuous learning and staying relevant with the rapid pace of change in cloud technologies, the company introduced the following change to its Microsoft role-based certifications:

Starting 12 AM GMT on June 30, 2021, (5 PM PT on June 29, 2021), all newly earned role-based and specialty certifications will be valid for one year from the date the certification was earned.Microsoft

How can I renew my Microsoft role-based certifications?

If you pass your required exam before the mentioned time and date above, your certification will remain valid for two more years. If, however, you pass your required exam after 12 AM GMT on June 30, 2021, your certifications will be valid for 1-year from the date they were earned.

Microsoft also allows to renew all earned role-based and specialty certifications annually for free. You can do this by taking an online assessment on Microsoft Learn in the six-month time frame before the certification expires. Once you pass the renewal assessment, your certification will be extended by one year from the current expiration date.

You will also have access to a free collection of carefully selected learning modules which will help you prepare for each of the renewal assessments of your Microsoft role-based certifications.