MikroTik Training Programs and Certificates

MikroTik is a Latvian company that provides network hardware and software. The software RouterOS is known to be very stable, with enormous set of features. RouterBoard is the MikroTik hardware and ranges from small home routers to powerful carrier-class devices. They are all produced in Latvia, combine great quality at reasonable price.

The official MikroTik training programs and certificates are MTCNA, MTCRE, MTCWE, MTCTCE, MTCUME and MTCINE. Since the beginning of 2016, ITCE in partnership with the only Mikrotik Certified Training Partner for Bulgaria– PG NET PRO , offer the whole MikroTik training and certification program.

MikroTik training and certification is suitable for network engineers, integrators and managers, who would like to learn about routing and managing wired and wireless networks using MikroTik RouterOS. All training classes include many practical exercises on RouterBOARD and each participant works on separate physical device during the whole training. The lab activities are combination of individual and group activities, as a more complex topology could be created. Each training finishes with certification exam (optional). The certificates are issued by MikroTik and valid for 3 years.

MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate)

The basic MikroTik training, it covers the key features of RouterOS in wired and wireless networks. Successful MTCNA certification is required for all other levels. Prerequisites: working knowledge of TCP/IP.

MTCRE (MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer) 

Covers advanced RouterOS static and dynamic routing features. It is suitable for network administrators, who need to implement complex routing solutions in small and medium size networks. Prerequisites: MTCNA

MTCWE (MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer) 

Covers advanced RouterOS wireless features. It is suitable for any network administrator, maintaining wireless links and networks. Prerequisites: MTCNA

MTCTCE (MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer) 

Covers advanced RouterOS firewall and QoS features. It is suitable for network administrators of any size networks. Prerequisites: MTCNA

MTCUME (MikroTik Certified User Management Engineer) 

Covers advanced RouterOS VPN, HotSpot and RADIUS features. It is suitable for network administrators, who should provide VPN connectivity (Site to Site or for individual access to corporate resources) and for small ISPs and other organizations, providing services by HotSpot. Prerequisites: MTCNA

MTCINE (MikroTik Certified Inter-networking Engineer) 

Covers the most advanced RouterOS routing protocols and processes. It is suitable for network administrators and engineers in medium and big Internet service providers, as well as for network administrators maintaining large corporate networks. Prerequisites: MTCNA and MTCRE

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