New Multi-level Certification from IIBA

Last April, we told you about the new third version of the most reliable and respected source of knowledge and practice of business analysis – Guide to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide v3) by the IIBA.

The news this time is that besides updating the certifications to the new version of BABOK® Guide Version 3, IIBA has announced that it is redirecting their popular certification to multi-level competence and expanding its certifications from 2 to 4 and they will be valid from September, 2016.

One of the biggest changes is the ability of getting a first level of certification without having previous work experience. So far, the two certificates offered by IIBA required previous experience in business analysis, and that requirement is maintained for the remaining three levels of certification path. The second level is similar to the current CCBA certification, and the third level is equal to the CBAP certification and is for all business analysts with more years of experience. The fourth level provides the highest level of certification and is designed for all strategic thinkers and thought leaders in the industry.

Here is an overview of the four certifications and their requirements:


Level 1 is recognized as entry level for BA Professionals. It is designed to provide new foundation to a career in business analysis and it is aimed at professionals, students or recent graduates entering the business analysis profession and with limited or no previous experience in the field. Working hours and previous experience is not required to obtain the certification. It is exam based and demonstrates an understanding of the task, techniques and terminologies of effective business analysis.

The Level 1 exam will test the candidate’s knowledge within the BABOK® Guide v3, specifically:

Business Analysis Knowledge

  • Business Analysis & the BA Professional – 2.5%
  • Underlying Competencies – 5%
  • Business Analysis Key Concepts – 5%
  • Techniques – 12.5%

BABOK® Guide Knowledge Areas

  • Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring – 5%
  • Elicitation & Collaboration – 20%
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management – 20%
  • Strategy Analysis – 5%
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 24%
  • Solution Evaluation – 1%


Level 2 is designed for Business Analysis professionals who have two to three years of BA experience. This level will require between 3.000 to 4.500 hours of experience and is exam based. Current CCBA® certification will be equivalent to Level 2 competence.

Aligned to the BABOK® Guide v3 Knowledge Areas, the Level 2 will be weighted as follows:

  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 12%
  • Elicitation and Collaboration – 20%
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management – 18%
  • Strategy Analysis – 12%
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 32%
  • Solution Evaluation – 6%


Level 3 is set for all Business Analysis professionals who manage and lead with over 5 years of business analysis experience. Level 3 will require between 7,500-10,500 hours of experience and is also exam based. Level 3 will be equivalent to the current CBAP® certification.

Knowledge areas that will be evaluated are based on BABOK® v3 and are weighted as follows:

  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 14%
  • Elicitation and Collaboration – 12%
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management – 15%
  • Strategy Analysis – 15%
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 30%
  • Solution Evaluation – 14%


Level 4 is another news of the IIBA, it represents the highest level of Business Analysis competence by IIBA. This level is intended to offer further opportunities and growth for senior strategic Business Analysis professionals. This level will recognize industry thought leaders and those who are giving back to the community. Level 4 will require a minimum of 15,000 hours and it will be assessment based.

It is expected the exams for the four levels of BA certification by IIBA to come out in September 2016. Until then CCBA® and CBAP® certifications still apply.

ITCE will follow the changes and will inform you accordingly about the new trainings that will prepare for the new multi-level BA certifications by IIBA.

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