Nina Prodanova-Iozeva in the Podcast “Nov Chovek”

Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, co-founder and CEO at ITCE, spoke for “Nov Chovek”, a podcast dedicated to the major changes in our lives – to what they teach us and what they give us.

The interview was led by Olga Vassilevska and Steffy Stojanow, initiators of the podcast, about her path to founding ITCE and her experience as a mother of two. Nina also shares valuable insight on how to be successful and what are the different management styles.

Listen to Nina’s interview and learn practical techniques for effective adoption of the changes in your personal and professional life.

SpaceAssembly – hosting the podcast “Nov Chovek”

SpaceAssembly’s team is grateful to be chosen as the studio for the recording of the podcast episodes. It is our pleasure to work with the initiators and official hosts of the project –  Olga Vassilevska, CEO and majority holder at MW LOGISTICA, and Steffy Stojanow, founder of the digital media For them, every detail of the interior design and the good technical equipment matter when it comes to creating an atmosphere for enriching and soulful conversations. As a result, instead of choosing a conventional recording studio, Olga and Steffy became part of SpaceAssembly’s ecosystem.

“With its sunlit and spacious rooms, modern design, and dedicated team of professionals, SpaceAssembly became part of the memorable experience for our guests.”

Olga Vassilevska and Steffy Stojanow

Season one is dedicated to parenthood and the transformation that people go through once they become parents. You will get to know 11 inspiring personas who will share the lessons they’ve learned throughout the challenges that they faced.

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