RunIT Simulation: The Revolution in ITSM Awareness

Business simulations have been a part of our portfolio here at ITCE for quite some time. Leaning through play is a powerful and fun way for people to explore complex topics. In the world of remote working and virtual classrooms it is also another way to keep students engaged and interested. As a result we enriched our portfolio with the RunIT Simulation.

We had huge success with our Lego4Scrum, DevOps Business simulation and more recently with Digital Transformation Simulation (DTX-i), combining lessons from ITSM, Agile and DevOps. The RunIT Simulation is a brand-new online business simulation, developed by our partners at SXP and focused on explaining the principles and practices of IT Service Management.

Why ITSM awareness is important for everyone?

Previously, serious IT professionals and leaders possibly monopolized the domain of IT Service Management. However, in our digital era, actively participating in the delivery of some form of service is practically unavoidable, unless you choose to reside on a remote island or in a secluded woodland cave. Additionally, it is important to note that technology significantly influences nearly all types of services. While attending advance courses and certifying is surely beneficial for IT professionals, having basic awareness of concepts should be mandatory for everybody.

How can the RunIT Simulation help you?

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or a business user. RunIT provides a safe and fun environment to gain new knowledge and put it into practice. The simulation uses a case scenario of a Global Air Line – business model that is well into the digital age. Through the challenges faced by your in-game company we can put spark up through provoking discussions on strategies applied in real life.

What happens before the simulation even starts?

Before we kick off any business simulation, we schedule a discovery meeting with your team representatives or stakeholders. During this conversation, our trainers identify your team’s interests, pain points, and skill gaps. This ensures the simulation addresses your specific needs. We then tailor the experience to best suit each group. All participants will receive an invitation to the online meeting, along with access to their personal class dashboard full of pre-reading materials and resources.

What happens on the day of the business simulation?

The participants and facilitator(s) gather in the virtual classroom and after a brief introductory ice-breaker dive into the simulation. The day starts with the facilitator explaining the case study of the game and providing a theory session on the concepts used in the first round of the game. After that the students start to play. Each round is around 20 minutes (and 3 months in-game time) and focuses on different challenges. We start with incident classification and prioritization and dive deeper and deeper into advanced ITSM concepts through seven rounds of play. The interface of the simulation provides strategic goals (presented as requirements from various stakeholders) and feedback on the chosen solutions. After each round the participants do a retrospective aligned with the principles of Agile and Continuous Improvement. This aims to spark a discussion regarding their strategies and challenges and share knowledge among them and with the trainer. Each new round presents new business challenges and introduces new principles and practices. The circle of theory, practice and retrospective starts anew in the next six rounds.

How does RunIT fit into larger training plans?

This business simulation can be used as a stand-alone training or as part of a larger program. The theory of the simulation can be aligned to be used as practical exercises with certification training or step of training academy. RunIT can even be delivered as a self-paced training with the help of pre-recorded videos attached to each round. Reach our team at and will be happy to consult you and discuss how RunIT or our other trainings can help you on your learning path. Start your journey to master ITSM with RunIT today!

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