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About SpaceAssembly

The future of work is here and our aim is to craft a workspace that best facilitates it. Future work practices and models were accelerated and just within a few months, workspaces and their functionalities needed to change.   

The future of teamwork requires spaces for high-quality collaboration, Agile planning events, designing, learning, broadcasting & streaming, networking in different forms – online, hybrid, and in-person. That is why, in the time of change, we created SpaceAssembly – a creative environment that is versatile, high-tech, modern, and well-connected. 

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How was SpaceAssembly founded? 

Having dedicated the last two decades on helping enterprises shape their digital agenda and transform their workforce skills, in 2020, ITCE’s team felt it was the right time to reinvent where and how people gather to collaborate. 

Our aim was to craft a modern workspace to be shared, where professionals, teams and businesses can come together to collaborate, design, plan, learn, broadcast and more. 

This is how SpaceAssembly was created – as a modern facility that can be assembled for different types and formats of online, hybrid and in-person events to serve the modern needs of teams. 

In 6 months we have accomplished:

  • Events

    PI Plannings, Conferences, Live Streams, Webinars, Podcasts, Internal Company Events

  • Speakers

    who held their presentations at SpaceAssembly

  • Clients

    who organized their events with the help of our professionals

  • Courses

    On-site, online, and hybrid trainings that were delivered at our new space for collaboration

An important differentiation of SpaceAssembly is that in addition to the tech equipment, customers have access to a team of 10+ professionals in the field of video production and editing, broadcasting, audio engineering, graphic design, presentation, and speech preparation and public speaking, as well as the conceptual design and structure of events. In this way, teams and organizations can rely on support in the entire realization of their projects and have an easy access to needed competencies and resources to make their event truly successful.  

We knew that the right place to do all of this is in the heart of the IT & Tech Innovation Ecosystem of our city – Sofia Tech Park – where businesses, start-ups, science and education meet. In addition, visitors have access to a park and green areas which allow outdoor meetings and events.  

Interested in our Services?

Visit SpaceAssembly’s webpage and fill in the contact form that you can find at the end of the page. A team representative will get back to you to discuss your needs and offer ways in which our professionals can help.

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