Why You Need to Learn About Agile Customer Service Management

We are excited to share our newest training course – Agile Customer Service Management! In this 2-day training, teams learn how to provide excellent customer service by understanding that CSM is not simply support but a value-adding service that is essential in achieving high customer satisfaction. Customer service is not a separate part of your […]

Career Plan: Business Analyst

As the job market becomes increasingly more dynamic and demand for new jobs and skills arise, we will provide you with a series of career plan articles.In this way, we attempt to give you a sneak peek into new career opportunities and what trainings there are to help you stay competitive and progress in your […]

Tasks Versus Responsibilities (Agile vs Waterfall)

Software industry worldwide requires more and more broadly educated senior developers, so the career markets strive to meet those needs by delivering new hires with broad knowledge, gained in various institutions. The level of technological knowledge of the new and constantly investing in themselves candidates for a work in the enormous software sector is extremely […]

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