Flexible Working Time at ITCE

This article has been originally written by ITCE for Escreo’s Blog – Ideas for Creative Spaces and can be found here. The new year is a good time to re-evaluate work and home practices and even better – to introduce some that enable us to optimize the work/life balance. An increasing number of innovative companies […]

Planning Is Essential at ITCE

Recently we told how flexible working time affects us, and now I will tell you about the most important ingredient of the flexible working hours – planning. I will reveal little inside secrets from ITCE of how our team plans its time. Actually after the perception that time is not so important for us, we […]

Introducing Flexible Working Time at ITCE

Last year before Christmas we promised to tell you more about how we work at ITCE, the lack of fixed working hours and place, how it affects us and if we manage to work as effectively as before. Let’s start from the beginning. Most of the team at ITCE share common values and views of […]

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