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How to Manage Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable reality and is a major cause of stress, which affects employee’s productivity. When a problem occurs, usually it cannot be solved by itself, but rather it only grows deeper because people prefer to avoid those with whom they don’t get along, just to save themselves from some additional stress. […]

What Business Can Learn from Leicester City

This article was written by our guest blogger Martin Iozev. Last night Leicester City won English Premier League. No one believed at the beginning of the year that this could happen. That is best captured in the betting odds in the starting of the season – 1:5000. Everyone is amazed by this performance. Coming from […]

Planning Is Essential at ITCE

Recently we told how flexible working time affects us, and now I will tell you about the most important ingredient of the flexible working hours – planning. I will reveal little inside secrets from ITCE of how our team plans its time. Actually after the perception that time is not so important for us, we […]

7 Tips for Team Motivation That I Learned in My Practice as a Manager, Instructor and Parent

As a parent of two sons, manager of ITCE, project manager of large international projects and course instructor, for nearly 20 years I experiment with the variety of approaches to engage people in learning, work and projects. Here are some tips for team motivation that I share from my experience: Study motivation. The psychology as […]

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