Technology Won’t Replace People but Will Give Them More Time for Creativity

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According to Paul Hardy, Chief Innovation Office EMEA, ServiceNow, technology will allow people to be more efficient and motivated in the workplace

SOFIA07 June 2018 – ITCE organized the event „Future of Work“, dedicated to the latest trends in the modern workplace. The event was attended by C-level managers from the banking, telecom, finance, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors.

Keynote presenter at the event was Paul Hardy, from the Chief Innovation Office EMEA at ServiceNow. ServiceNowmakes work, work better for people through its cloud‑based platform and solutions delivering digital experiences that help people do their best work.

800 of the 2000 biggest global companies are ServiceNow customers and in May 2018, the company was ranked number one in the Forbes annual ranking of the world’s most innovative companies.

The main theme of the „Future of Work“ event was the revolution of the modern workplace. According to Hardy, employee workloads will double by 2021. That’s why the main challenge for organizations is to automate routine daily tasks and free up more time for the truly innovative aspects of work. It is a myth that people will be replaced by technology. On the contrary, people and technologies will work together in order to address the ever increasing workloads and the higher complexity at work.

The millennial generation is now a big part of the working population. Its motivation is very different compared to the one of previous generations. Instead of being motivated to work for well established brands, millennials prefer to work for companies which have innovative leaders and who contribute to their employees’ personal growth and development.

The organizations of the future will in turn use their employees’ talents in the most optimal way. People have been appreciated only in the context of their team role and job description while in the future they’ll be seen as an overall organizational asset with all of their skills, interests and competencies.

“A few years ago we had to inform the business in our region about the advantages of the ServiceNow platform,“ said Nina Prodanova-Iozeva, Managing Partner at ITCE. “There are already several big companies in Bulgaria who have implemented the ServiceNow platform and they are a great example of a significant transformation across many organizational aspects including business KPIs, organizational processs and company culture. “

The event held in Sofia was part of the “Future of Work” series of events organized by ServiceNow on a global level.

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