The End of NO. The Beginning of NOW.

Every day we use social networks and online ordering platforms in our private lives. We’re so used to technology that we consider our smartphones and tablets to be things of primary necessity in life.

And then we go to the office… and go back in time facing outdated technology.

One of the key systems used in enterprises today are the business service management tools, including service management systems, workflow management and orchestration tools and discovery. And although the business units in every enterprise are a primary source of revenue generation and need to be fast in presenting and supporting new products on the market, they face a wall when they ask the IT department for help.

The usual answers a business unit receives when asking about a new functionality, or ability to be more effective and efficient using the current systems are: “The current technology doesn’t support this”, “It will take months and years to implement it”, “It will be too expensive” and similar. Basically, the answer is almost always NO.

What if we tell you that the business can have a one of a kind platform to support all business processes, with a single source of truth, implementation within weeks and months and the ability to have workflow configured by the business users instead of system administrators?

Yes, it is possible with ServiceNow – the market leader in the IT Business, Service, Operations Management and Custom Applications Development.

ServiceNow offers a cloud platform that will make you forget about the legacy technology world. It allows enterprises to completely transform their IT by adopting their powerfully simple platform. Managing IT should be easy. So the platform provides users with the ability to get what they want with a single click.

Fastest results

No installations, no long and painful upgrades. You can get your implementation up and running in just a few weeks. Moreover, upgrades are automatically installed three times per year for a night only. And it gets even better – customers don’t lose any data, or custom defined fields and workflows.

Single source of truth

All ServiceNow applications are built on a single platform and no acquired technology is added. (If new technology is adopted, it’s completely rewritten on the platform)

Lowest cost

No hardware costs, no installation costs, no costs for upgrades and fixing the system after each upgrade. ServiceNow commits on providing the high availability of your platform, as well as to constantly test the security, including company’s customers tests. In addition IT experts can focus their efforts on automating the processes, instead of performing configurations in the system, as every user can easily configure an application needed.

So are you ready to become the department of NOW?

About the Author Julia

Julia Oliveira is a highly qualified IT Service Management and Project & Portfolio Management Senior Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She has successfully lead some of the largest ServiceNow projects in Southeast Europe.

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