Top 5 IT and Cloud Certifications to Have in 2020

As we wrote earlier, the results from Global Knowledge’s annual survey on the best paid skills and certifications for 2019 inspired us to conduct a similar survey among our consultants. They voted on the most beneficial certifications to have in 2020 basing their votes on their experience as well as the current trends in training and certification. The first article focused on management certifications such as ITIL® 4 Foundation, PMI-ACP®, and TOGAF as well as several Scrum Master and SAFe certifications.

As companies migrate their storage as well as their processes to the cloud, cloud skills and competencies have turned into must-have tools. That is why we now turn to the most beneficial IT and cloud certifications professionals should have in 2020.


The leader and reference point on the market of cloud computing is Amazon Web Services (AWS), distinguished for its financial performance, outpouring of innovative services, and worldwide expansion. AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon which offers cloud services and solutions, set forth the cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service market in 2006. That makes it the most mature as well as the most preferred cloud IaaS provider on the market for both digital-friendly and traditional enterprises which implement business projects or migrate to the cloud. The positioning of AWS as a trusted market leader also makes the certifications it offers valuable and necessary for professionals who want to showcase their up-to-date and innovative expertise.

For several years, two of the eleven certifications AWS offers have made it into the list of best paid and most beneficial certifications that Global Knowledge compiles. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification is one of the foundational-level certifications and offers an overview of AWS. This certification proves that its holder can design and deploy scalable systems on AWS. On the other hand, the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification demonstrates that the holder can develop and maintain systems on the platform. Both these certifications showcase the expertise and skills that are highly valuable in the era of cloud computing and services.

Google Cloud

Another tech giant that puts effort into developing and offering cloud services as well as certification opportunities is Google. Gartner lists Google as another leader in the cloud services market, recognizing it for its innovative programs, services, and technological capabilities.

One of the certifications that Google offers, Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, was also recognized by Global Knowledge as the highest paid certification included in the report from 2019. The certification demonstrates that its holder can design, develop, and manage highly efficient cloud solutions. Though this certification has only been offered since 2017, it has made it to the top of the list as it tests and proves that the holder has in-demand cloud skills.

Developing SQL Databases

On the IT side, Microsoft certifications remain recognized and sought-for by employers in the industry. As such, Microsoft certifications also guarantee good job prospects as well as competitive salaries. In their effort to fit the current needs of the industry and stay relevant, Microsoft have adjusted their certification program to offer role-centric certifications rather than ones that focus on the technology.

The Developing SQL Databases certification is part of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate stream. The certifications in the track demonstrate that the certified professional can successfully utilize Microsoft tools and applications to meet business objectives.

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

This certification is part of Microsoft’s role-based certification program. Azure certifications bring the best of both worlds as they carry the recognized name of Microsoft and focus on cloud services which grow so rapidly. What is more, this certification answers the growing need for and value of certified security IT specialists. This certification in particular tests and demonstrates the skills involved in the processes of securing data and applications, implementing protection, and managing Azure security operations.

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

ServiceNow brings together all business processes on a single platform to make the workflow smoother, easier to manage, and better suited to the needs of companies. Because it is so simple and can be customized, ServiceNow was voted the most innovative company in the 2018 installment of the ranking issued by Forbes. ServiceNow counts customers in the thousands worldwide and continues to grow.

Together with the recognized brand of the company, the expanding customer base and global outreach that ServiceNow has makes the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator a useful and valuable certification. This foundation-level certification proves that the holder can configure, implement, and maintain the platform. It offers a solid base for further certification and mastery of the platform.

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