Courses Delivery

Make the next move in your professional development through internationally recognised IT and business training courses. Select from a portfolio of accredited and custom developed courses, management coaching programs, simulations and workshops aimed at providing organizations with knowledge in the most innovative forms and shapes based on your needs. 

Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings

Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings

Get familiar with our online delivery methods

We are committed to delivering top quality services and helping our customers achieve their goals in any training delivery format. This is why we invested a lot of efforts throughout the years to develop highly interactive Live Online courses and we utilize various tools and methods for engaging training with exercises, discussions and Q&A sessions.

Training Experience

Trainers’ Competencies – our instructors have been trained in effective virtual training delivery and are fully prepared.
Support – our IT Operations and Training Teams are available throughout the whole training to provide assistance when necessary.

Professional Technical Equipment

Virtual Classroom Platform – we utilize MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom and select the most suitable online collaboration platform for the specific training.
Audio, Video, & Display Tablets – we use high-end hardware equipment to provide top quality interaction.

Training Materials and Assistance

Training Materials – we provide online access to the study books or we deliver printed materials depending on the specific course.
Labs Access – for the courses which require labs, our team communicates the access to these labs environments before the course has started.

What are you interested in?

Here are some trending courses:

DevOps Foundation®


The DevOps Foundation course provides a baseline understanding of key DevOps terminology and the fundamental…

There are more courses for you to attend. Take a look.

ITIL® 4 Update

Get introduced to and certified for ITIL® 4, the global standard for IT Service Management, now updated to the needs of the modern digital world.

ITCE’s Next Level Microsoft Training Solutions

Our new generation of Microsoft training solutions are yet another way in which we aim to provide you with the best help and most reliable support you need in your digital transformation.

DevOps – A Cultural Evolution for the Modern Enterprise

Immerse yourself in the world of DevOps, the set of practices that aims to automate the processes between development and IT teams to ensure a smooth workflow and continuous delivery.

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