Miro Training: Mastering Collaboration

BS104 | 0,5 days |

This course will introduce you to the essential functionalities of the online collaborative whiteboard platform, Miro.com, which will empower your remote collaboration.


Being part of distributed teams is very challenging from an efficiency point of view. Asynchronous work and real time collaboration with participants on one project/task for activities like concepts, customer journeys, brainstorming, planning and managing agile workflows is a must. Sign up for our training and empower your remote collaboration with Miro.com – an online collaborative whiteboard platform that has a full set of collaboration capabilities and makes cross-functional teamwork effortless.

This course will introduce you to the essential Miro functionalities and the purpose behind them. Our objective is to bring you into a new way of creating fancy content for your next presentation, event, product demonstration, customer journey, problem-solving session, business ​process improvement, or even facilitating a regular meeting in a real collaborative environment.  

Reduce Your Meeting Time

Using a collaborative tool will reduce the time you spend in meetings and will encourage all participants to take notes within the shared board during the session. As a result, all items will be in one place, visible to everyone – before, during, and after the meeting. You can create your own board or start a shared one or even a mix of both. Learn how to use Miro for your own purpose and become more transparent and efficient with your next online collaboration. 

Stay Focused

Make sure everyone stays focused on the topics that matter by engaging their attention with the use of Miro’s remote facilitation tools which contribute to the creative energy within your team.

Ask the Practitioner

Our trainers and consultants use Miro as their main tool for collaboration during client meetings, tasks planning, PI Planning events, presentations, etc. and are constantly exploring the new capabilities of the collaborative platform. They can give you useful advices about specific use-cases you might be dealing with.

What you’ll learn

At the end of the course you will:

  • Have understanding about the essential Miro functionalities
  • Learn how to work asynchronously on one project
  • Learn how to collaborate with your team members in real-time, in one place
  • Learn how to work efficiently with distributed teams 
  • Learn how to create your customer journey, map or workflow with minimal effort
  • Feel comfortable using Miro for your next project or event
  • Present your idea while working on it
  • Decides what type of permission you would like to give to the audience on your project or boards 
  • Manage the attention of your participants and bring all of them to an important topic immediately


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the training content be customized? 

The training can also be custom-tailored to the needs of specific organization and delivered to a closed group of team(s) by incorporating a real-life company case study and focusing the content and duration of the training around opportunities and pain-points important for the organization.

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