Tips and Tricks for Your Effective and Successful Online Training

Virtual Live Training ITCE

Though you are participating from the comfort of your home, you online training demands that you are just as disciplined and that you treat it like a traditional classroom training. To ensure you take in the material effectively and you will be able to put what you’ve learned into practice, stick to a clear schedule and the deadlines, and follow the same etiquette as you would in a classroom.

We are sharing 5 tips and guidelines from our experience on how you can maximize the benefit you get from your online training.

1. The online training just like any other

Be responsible and accountable for your own satisfaction with the training and spend the time and attention you would spare for a classroom training. Turn on your camera to have the feeling of being present in a classroom and sharing the experience with other participants.

Choose a study place in your home that would be best for you to occupy during your training. Pick a spot in your home which is far from a TV set to limit distractions. Experiment to find the place that helps you focus and stay productive.

Tuning into your training from the same physical place every day will help you build a routine and stick to your schedule. Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection and keep your study place well-organized and stocked with the materials and resources you need. Take notes during the training to maintain your focus.

2. Manage your time wisely

Log into the virtual classroom at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the training. That will allow you not only to have time to mentally prepare for effective learning, but also to test the connection and access the materials you will need.

Don’t procrastinate and follow a clear schedule for the duration of the training. Along with the daily tasks for the training, mark the most important assignments and milestones as well as the appointments you have set prior to the training. By doing so, you will have a clear view of the time and your capabilities for every day of the training.

3. Eliminate all distractions

Relaxed in the comfort of their homes, people tend to spend more time browsing in their phones during an online training than they would in a classroom. Focus on your effective learning and keep your phone and other devices away from you. Avoid checking your email or surfing the Net except during the breaks that the instructor has scheduled or the time you have planned for other activities.

4. Be an active participant

Don’t hesitate to contribute to the learning environment and ask questions, give opinion and engage in discussions. Take an active part so you can maximize your learning benefit by asking for clarifications, help or guidance just like you would in a classroom. By doing so, you will ensure that both you and the other participants get the feeling of being present in a traditional training. To do so, you can use the chat or you can ask your question out loud which can benefit other participants that the answer might be helpful to. Don’t forget to identify yourself with your name when speaking or asking questions.

Be ready to answer if the instructor asks you to answer a question or give an opinion. Treat others with patience and understanding to other participants and their contribution to discussions and the whole training. If you can contribute, offer your help to participants who are asking the instructor for assistance.

5. Be active

Try and make sure that you interrupt the long hours of sitting in front of the screen. Take advantage of the breaks the instructor announces and go out for fresh air, stretch and do some exercises.

Finally, look at this experience as a different way to interact with the participants and the trainer. We promise – the way you bond with others in a virtual setting has its specific advantages.

And remember – attending an online training is not only listening – it is just like any other training course and the good news is that thanks to our experience with online classes, we will make it interactive and engaging for you. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our virtual classroom!

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